To place an ad you must be a registered user. (1)
Once you have joined it is free to post items on the site, either for sale or for giving away to a good home. Any items that are free are highlighted in pink to make identifying them easier
Ads grouped under nearest towns
Potential buyers can browse and search for items near towns local to them, or in the whole county.
Simple pricing and payment
Unlike our competitors, there is no commission on sales, or charges for posting an ad. You may place your ad online for up to 3 months, after that it will automatically expire and you will have to repost it.
Total privacy
Buyers can contact Sellers via our secure website, so you do not have to disclose any personal telephone numbers, your address or emails in your advert online.
Add up to 2 photos
You can add up to 2 photos of your item for sale.
Create your ad, then go the edition panel (My Ads) in order to add a photo
(1) Please note free advertising only applies to non business users.
If you are a small business and would like to place an ad then a charge of £30 for 3 months is applicable and you must contact OGI first ( before submitting your advertisment.
For larger businesses wishing to use our service, please contact OGI for more information
Type in a keyword (eg: Toys) is a local and totally free to use site for getting rid of outgrown kit and for searching for the next stage of clutter!
Any items being given away for FREE are shown in pink.
There is no commission on sales or charges for posting an ad. is absolutely free to use.