Jo Spolton started this website because as a new and extremely tired mum, she felt there was a place for a simple site that advertised second hand kids things, AND NOTHING ELSE.
Her tired eyes did not have the patience to scroll through endless pages of items that were miles away and she got fed up bidding on things only to loose a week later and have to start again.
Some things can be on their fourth or fifth home and consequently aren't worth selling but could definitely go on to another good home for free. Hence there is the encouragement on the site to recycle items and those that are being given away for nothing have a greater prominence by being in pink.
Having the search areas based around local towns seemed much nicer than a post code radius, and it means that you can search for things in the areas you are happy to drive to. No need for extra costs in posting, or the hassle of packing up items to post and hauling small children into post offices.
Basically Jo was hoping to achieve a local notice board that sits at your kitchen table.

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Outgrownit.net is a local and totally free to use site for getting rid of outgrown kit and for searching for the next stage of clutter!
Any items being given away for FREE are shown in pink.
There is no commission on sales or charges for posting an ad. Outgrownit.net is absolutely free to use.